The Holistic Health and the Holistic Medical Treatments


Those who experience an illness will surely see a doctor. The best thing that you can do is actually to see a holistic doctor, as this is one person who can cover multiple areas of treatment.

It’s not only about the skill and the mastering of the doctor, but the holistic concept is that the healing should cover the whole person, not just the malady itself. This is an important point of view, because you certainly know that an imbalance in the emotional area, physical area or mental area can lead to other problems. These problems, left untreated, can turn severe and can threaten your overall health.

The Concept

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When people hear about holistic medicine, they also think about alternative medicine. These are different, and the holistic concept says that everything should be taken into consideration when setting the treatment. It’s about the aspects of a person – the mental, the physical and the emotional state that can present imbalances. These imbalances can lead to different affections, and by treating the affection with holistic medicine, everything is taken into consideration and, therefore, everything is treated.

The practitioners of holistic medicine can use medication, alternative medicine principles or both of them to treat a person. The trick to this is that the doctor will take into account all the circumstances of a person when he or she sets the treatment.

The Principles


The holistic medicine principles say that there are two things that are considered powerful healers – the unconditional support and love. Apart from this, it is also considered that each person is responsible for its own wellbeing. Apart from this, the practitioners consider that every person has innate healing powers and everyone should be treated with the same consideration for his or her case.

You will often hear that this kind of treatment includes different health care practices, and the patient needs to cooperate with the doctor to be able to treat both the symptoms and the causes of the disease.

Types of Treatments

A holistic doctor can have different specialties, but these doctors will often use a variety of different treatment techniques for helping their patients in taking the responsibility for their own optimal health and achieving the needed well-being.


The techniques will vary depending on training, but there is always the possibility to educate the patient on a change in lifestyle for promoting wellness. This can include physical exercise, a healthy eating habit, psychotherapy, spiritual and relationship counseling and many more.

There are also available alternative and complementary therapies that include chiropractic care, acupuncture, homeopathy, naturopathy, massage therapy and of course, others. Last, but not least, there is always the possibility to undergo western medications and also surgical procedures, as in some cases, this can be quite helpful, if not the only viable solution for treating some illnesses.

Finding a Holistic Practitioner


When you decide you want to use holistic medical treatment, don’t go to the first holistic doctor that you hear about. There is an association that has a list with all the medical practitioners in your area. Before choosing one, get a recommendation from someone who was treated by that doctor. Find out information about his experience and his proven results in similar cases.

It’s important that you choose someone who has plenty of experience and also a high rate of good results. Training, specialty and experience are important, but it’s also important that the doctor should be also certified in holistic medicine.

In the end, you should choose a doctor that makes you feel comfortable and shows you all the needed attention. You can’t receive a diagnose or a treatment in just 10 minutes, so if the doctor you want to see tells you about a 10 minutes session, then it’s better to start looking again for the right holistic medicine specialist.

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